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What is TaxDome and Why Should I Use It?

TaxDome is a software solution that helps ease communication between us and our clients. Here’s why we use it:

  • Secure, intuitive client portal that is user-friendly even to those who aren’t tech-savvy.

  • Everything in one place: you can electronically sign documents, settle invoices, complete organizers, and sign contracts without going to multiple websites all from the comfort of your mobile phone or computer

  • Secure exchange of information & safety of your personal data. TaxDome has a built-in secure messaging system, where we can request information we need from you or chat in real-time.

  • If we need you to do something, you will receive timely notifications and will see an easy-to-read to-do list.

  • The client portal is mobile-friendly, so you can access it anytime, anywhere!

How to Start Using TaxDome as a Client

Step 1. Activate Account

Open the invitation email and click on the ACTIVATE ACCOUNT link. Then create your password. Enter it twice to confirm, then click SUBMIT.


That’s it! Now you can use your portal. To return to it in the future, you’ll just need to sign in with your email and password.


Step 2. View To-Dos

The first page you see is your dashboard with notifications about important updates, such as unseen messages, and unread documents. You’ll also find the contact info for our firm here.

Step 3. Explore the Main Menu in the Left Sidebar

From the sidebar, you’ll be able to easily go wherever you need to on your portal.

  • Documents is where you upload your documents, and download whatever we’ve prepared for you.

  • Messages & Tasks is where you can ask us any questions or respond to any of our requests.

  • Settings is where you add additional users to your account if needed.

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For at home...

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Or on the go...

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